About MathQ

MathQ Science and Technology Information Co., Ltd., located in Ho Chi Minh City, is a software company integrating the planning, research, development, publishing, sales and service of high-end educational information products. The founder of the company, Mr. Wu Ganchang, is a famous university professor. Since 2000, he has led his team to focus on and innovate the online education ecological model, and has achieved a series of information-based teaching results.

The company adheres to the principles of integrity, proactiveness, pragmatism and focus, wisdom and innovation, tolerance and cooperation, in the Internet spirit of freedom, equality, sharing and openness, and based on user value and social value.

The company takes high-end network informatization as its development direction, takes the road of combining specialization and informatization, adheres to the development concept of high-end, professional, innovative and practical, and provides advanced, practical and complete sets of solutions for education, learning, scientific research and engineering technology groups. Professional services and technical services are oriented to pursue the dual value of economic benefits and social benefits.

The company adopts a scientific and humanized management system and employs people according to their talents, so that every employee can develop well within the company. In terms of distribution system, the company has established a scientific and reasonable assessment reward and punishment mechanism, so that outstanding employees will be able to grow together with the company.

The company has a number of leading core technologies at home and abroad, and owns all the intellectual property rights of each core technology. After years of hard work and research and development, many internationally competitive network and software products have been launched one after another, demonstrating that the company has a world-class reputation in the field of educational informatization. competitiveness.