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Compared with formula editing, graphic editing is more widely used in work, life, production...[detail]

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Text, formulas and graphics are the basic languages ​​for humans to record, communicate and disseminate human civilization and scientific knowledge. The editing and input of formulas and graphics is the most important editing input tool besides ordinary text. However, since the rapid development of the Internet at the end of the last century, the problem of online editing and input of formulas and graphics based on the Web has not been completely solved. As a result, the Internet still uses ordinary text and pictures as the main communication and communication media, which seriously restricts education, Network information construction and development in the fields of scientific research, engineering technology and economic management.

In October 2009, our company successfully developed Web-GraphEdit, a web page formula editing system that can run on various IE browsers. If the website's operation server is installed with Web-GraphEdit software, all its users can edit and modify graphics online without installing any plug-ins, which provides great convenience for people to communicate, share and interact with professional knowledge in various disciplines based on the Internet. convenient.

In October 2011, our company further developed GraphPlay, a more powerful universal editing and calculation software. Its versatility is mainly reflected in the following three aspects:

  • 1、The graphic data format is HTML, which supports native offline operation and online interactive sharing;
  • 2、t not only supports hand-drawn design drawings, but also supports calculation drawings based on visual formula structures and data tables;
  • 3、It not only supports network online interaction, but also can be widely used in various stand-alone application software and network application software in the form of client.

Compared with formula editing, graphic editing is more widely used in almost all fields involving work, life, production, education, technology, publishing, etc., and there are countless types of graphic editing software installed on local computers, but web pages The problem of graphics editing has not been systematically solved for a long time.

At present, the main method for editing and publishing graphics on web pages is to first use local software (such as Photoshop, Flash, Mathlab, etc.) to edit the graphics, then output or convert them into pictures in a specified format, and finally upload them to a specified web page file. . In terms of network-based online editing and communication, this solution has the following disadvantages:

  • 1、The network client must independently install the corresponding graphics editing software, and the use of such graphics editing software is relatively professional and difficult to master without certain training;
  • 2、Commonly used design drawing functions (such as the design drawing functions of software such as Photoshop) are incompatible with computational drawing functions commonly used in education and science and technology (such as the computational drawing functions of software such as Matlab). As a result, users not only need to install multiple Graphic editing software, and because the usage methods and usage habits of each drawing software are different, it causes inconvenience to users;
  • 3、Graphics edited in commonly used graphics editing software need to be output and converted into pictures in a specified format, and then uploaded to the specified web page file. The operation process is complicated, and the uploaded pictures can only be browsed through the Internet, which is not supported. Online editing and modification cannot satisfy people's use of network-based communication, let alone support graphics-based search and recognition;
  • 4、After images of different formats are uploaded to the web page, the display quality of the image is related to the file size. Generally, the higher the requirements for image display quality, the larger the corresponding image file size, and the print quality of web page images is not high. ;
  • 5、The speed of opening a web page file containing images is mainly limited by the speed of opening the images. Images in various web pages not only occupy a large amount of network server storage resources, but also increase the transmission pressure of network bandwidth and greatly increase the operating costs of the network server. .
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Special Feature
  • The system facilitates visual and computational editing ofgraphics, enabling online copying, pasting, and modification. No plug-ins are required onthe client side.
  • The system supports the creation of spline and Bezier curvesbased on mouse-selected points, as well as the generation of spline curves from datatables.
  • The data is formatted in HTML, enabling both local offline useand online interactive sharing. It is displayed in vector format, which allows forseamless scaling and produces clear printouts.
  • The system enables the creation of statistical graphicsincluding histograms, column charts, pie charts, area charts, and curve charts from datatables. It also allows for easy editing and modification of these graphics throughdouble-click interactions.
  • The built-in mathematical formula editing software allows forannotating graphics with mathematical formulas in GraphPlay, and supports the searchand identification of graphic elements.
  • The system supports the creation of 2D function graphicsfrom one-variable function expressions visualized as formulas. These graphics can beeasily edited, modified, and adjusted through double-click interactions.
  • The edited graphic data is compressed and transformed intotext annotations, significantly reducing server storage and network load.
  • The system facilitates the creation of 3D function graphicsfrom binary function expressions depicted through visual formulas. It also allows foreasy editing, modification, and adjustment of these graphics via double-clickinteractions.
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